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“Innovative ways of including low qualified ex offenders and ex prisoners to labour market”


Date: 9 – 13 October, 2017
Venue: Ginso Asociación Para Gestión de la Integración Social. Street, Corazón de Maria, 80. 28002 Madrid, Spain.

“Train the Trainer” program


9 October



Project methodology

●        Participants welcome and registration

●        Presentation of the project and objectives

●        Presentation of the training objectives and aims

●        Presentation of the agenda of training days

●        Update on the handbook


Presentation here


10 October


How to be an effective coach

●        The Characteristics of Effective Coaching

●        Communication skills: how to communicate with ex-offenders

●        Psychological and social factors when you work with ex-offenders

●        Some recommendation for working with low skills adults

●        Evaluation questionnaire

Presentation here

11 October


“How to evaluate competencies and skills”

●        The Competencies-Based training

●        Labour competencies and skills for the employment

●        The current European labour situation

●        INforEX certification methodology

●        Open discussion for question that could worry employers

Open Discussion on: “how trainers should deliver the training in their country/context”

●        Evaluation questionnaire

Presentation here

12 October


“How to develop a checklist for labour competencies”
Setting up a checklist that can be useful for employers during the training assessment

●        5 days full review, feedback and open discussion

Open    Discussion on: “Possible challenges trainers may face”

●        Evaluation questionnaire

Presentation here

13 October


Visit GINSO minor centre: meeting trainers

●        Open discussion with GINSO training

●        Learning form trainers

●        Delivery of Europass Mobility Certificate


Group discussion