Lazzarelle (Italy)

The Cooperative Lazzarelle Cooperative Lazzarelle ) is a social enterprise that, using the approach of diversity management engages as members and workers women in prisons for entrepreneurial activities. Now it is involved in coffee production within the female prison of Pozzuoli (NA – IT). It was born in 2010, by the belief that prisons should not be a dark and forgotten place. We trust that that it is always possible, even under the most difficult, that women are the protagonists of their change.The Cooperative Lazzarelle promotes the creation of new entrepreneurship and self-employed women, to respond to two different types of problems. First, groped to solve the serious problem of unemployment and underemployment women through the promotion of new micro-entrepreneurship and self-employment; secondly, encouraging the emergence of social enterprises able to offer and deliver innovative services in the territory.

The perspective and orientation of the cooperative idea is mainly to have a greater focus on the reality of imprisonment, in the direction of social change, intended as an accompaniment to (re)entering the labour market, promoting new forms, such as business creation and self-employment, attempting to prevent or halt the processes and conditions that generate forms of poverty.

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