GINSO (Spain)

The non-profitable association GINSO (Association for the Management of Social Integration), the main objective of the association is the integration of the minors and young’s in social conflict and groups at risk of social exclusion was funded in 2001. In GINSO we manage Detention Centers for juvenile Offenders and we develop intervention models based on the innovation and the quality of the services so they can guarantee their successful reintegration in society. We develop social and labor market inclusion programs aimed to people at risk of social exclusion with employment programs and the job placement company INSERTA. Through the program RECURRA-GINSO we provide integral services to families in conflict with their adolescent children. The succeed of the association is based on a qualified group of professionals; set up under a common objective with more than 700 workers distributed in Executive Teams, Coordination Teams, Psychologies, Lawyers, Social Educators, Medical and Psychiatric Teams, Surveillance and Security Teams and Services Personal that develop the different projects managed by this entity. The guide principles  of our  acting  are: implication,  compromise, efficiency, transparency, quality, innovation and solidarity, developing  this last one through  the Corporate Social Responsibility as full and equal partners in national and international Forums such as Forética and the Global Compact. We believe and trust people and second chances.