First project INforEX partners’ meeting in Naples

14-15 December, INforEX partners’ meeting was held in Naples, Italy. The representatives from CASCAiD (UK), GINSO (Spain), Lazzarelle (Italy), Collegium Balticum (Poland), ŽISPB (Lithuania) met in person to start officially the project, discuss the upcoming activities, plan the next steps.

The coordinators of the project paid a lot of attention to present the whole project, its changes and finances as well as administrative matters, redistribute some tasks among partners.

Partners from Cyprus during the videoconference presented the guidelines for the needs analysis and focus groups in order to have a solid basis for the creation of training and certification model.

Two days were spent productively and effectively. Next steps – to meet relevant stakeholders (representatives of vocational training centers, employers, labour exchange offices, etc.) and identify what skills are missing and in which direction INforEX project should turn in order to meet the needs of unqualified exoffenders and employers.